Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I've decided to pull my home automation code into Github. Why? because it's time to share :) When I did that I saw that at one time I had hooked my Github account up to this blog space.

This code has been humming along for about 3 years, all written in anger when we returned from Barcelona and started wrapping up our home's remodel.

What the code does is integrate our security and lighting systems, which are all high(er) end and not meant to be integrated by mere mortals ( fee-paying approved integrators.)  I also used it as a learning context for ... stuff.

Meaning I'm pretty good with Java, Oracle/fooSQL, all sorts of scripting languages, mad integration/gluing of desperate things blah blah.

But I hadn't been keeping up ( read: billing )  with the fractal fuzz going on in web integration.

The code is node.js, which is a bit ironic given how much time I spent working/billing with Livewire at the dawn of the commercial web.

The backend has been a few of these NoSQL databases.

ok back to it.

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