Thursday, July 14, 2011

old notes: FCP development opportunities?

This was written a long time ago, serving as notes to myself for development opportunities outside of my usual sphere. Now that FCX is out these points are moot.

Summer 2010 attended DMA  Final Cut Studio integration class. Expected workflow and FCP server training. Didn't really get to much of that. Excellent. Mark Spencer, Motion expert, instructed; we hammered a lot of Motion projects out. Totally inspiring.

things which stood out:

 FCP/STPro: when you send from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro an entire sequence is sent. In and Out points in a given sequence are ignored. OPPORTUNITY: possible to build a FCP plugin which builds a new sub-sequence from the In and Out points and sends that? or to build a new stand-alone sequence and send that?

STPro: in class we did an exercise where we removed a chirping bird. this was done by 1) switching to spectral scaling, and then using the Spectrum vew HUD to dial in on a frequency range. we then used a bounding box to select the bird chirps and delete them. OPPORTUNITY: have a pencil tool which reduces the energy level / DB as one paints over the range in teh Spectrum view. Sort of like the older sound/frequency painting tools, or that crazy audio painting tool MetaSynth.

Preference files: STPro effect references are stored in .pst files. the finder lists these as logic pro files. it would be nice if there were a guided text editor for these.

FCP: when applying audio level fades to multiple clips in a track ( select forward tool ) ( once it's the "favorite" ) the scale filter will apply without taking into account the length of the clips. my notes show that there may be an opportunity in analyzing the ramp-in and out  of a crossfade and keeping the slope, altho right now I don't know what that entails. If that means keeping the slope then the time can't change. Or does that mean looking at the dB and scaling to match?

OS: Kenneth would like a file browser/view which will browse audio and video by durations of their content. used for picking content.

FCP / Compressor: Since scripts can be run one @ completion could make a mess of simple Growl scripts to provide notification within a server pool. heck most anything, tweets, macspeech

COLOR: there is a "Still Store" in color. Wouldn't it be cool to make a HTML document which contained JPEGs of the StillStore for 'approval' in a workflow? or at least cataloging peeps wld be crazy to approve tweaked video from  jpegs.

DVDSPro: transitions? apparently there are not a lot of transitions for menu selections. At least there could be some crazy ones. this would be quartz?

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