Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Inception's only problem was that it failed to live up to its audacity. It is a fine summer product, don't let me deter you from checking it out if you're interested.

The dreams weren't as illogical, personal, or ambiguous as dreams are - and that's the opportunity the writing team missed. I enjoy action movies - the Bourne series, the first Mission Impossible, etc., and Inception was clearly a production on par with those. In this case the unrelenting action became wearying. As my wife put it as we entered the third dream: "Not another shoot-out on skis?!" before she whipped out her blackberry to get some work done.

I'm sure Inception is meeting the product goals. We just kept feeling that there could of been a different "more" than we were given.
We had just seen The Science of Sleep.

This film also involves resolving conflicting goals via one of the characters dream life. This films dreams contained much more ambiguity, fear, illogic, sex and humor than Inception.

It's a fine product as well. The production of the Science of Sleep involved creating vastly complicated models from everyday stuff and animating them via stop-motion photography. The resulting films (!) where then back-projected on the sets. No blue screen / computer based compositing.