Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hey, it's Google I/O again - a Spiral Universe?

I'll be going to Google I/O again this year. I'm looking forward to it; for all we have to worry about with Google socially, technically they're exciting.

In perusing the Developer's Sandbox the Spiral Universe caught my eye. I think what caught my eye was the Spiral bit - I spent a lot of time bashing programmers over the head with the Boehm Spiral in careers past. And the various Spiral Periodic Tables are cool.

Anyway the Spiral Universe looks like Sakai-in-the-cloud. I think I'll drop by.

Any local Sakai folks may want to know that these folks are hosting a get-together tonight at the Thirsty Bear. Contact me ( you know how ) if you're thinking about dropping in, I'll make the effort to get back up there.

It's from 8 - 10PM. The Thirsty Bear is a place I frequent when I'm going to events at Moscone.