Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuff to put on your Android phone

Here are some developmentish things for your Android
  • Fennic pre-alpha of FireFox for Android.
  • Weave 1.3 Beta ( not the one listed on the Fennic home page )
  • white killer - task killer, useful when you're dorking around with Fennic
  • Sipdroid - make phone calls from your Android w/out a SIM. of course you need IP.
  • Gizmo account - routing for SIP calls
  • Barcode reader - does what it sez. useful for quickly getting twisty URLs into your phone
I'm sure you know all the fun stuff, like photo search, gesture search, the Maps cache, Google Sky Maps.

I've been granted access to App Inventor for Android. It's like Scratch... very neat.

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