Sunday, July 19, 2009

a day

get everyone's breakfasts going
Move Qg5 out of closet
Boot in Target Disk mode
Application Migration of QG5 boot disk to MacPro
SuperDuper Intel Mini to new external SATA disk
Read about Operational Transforms
Install external SATA in IntelMini
drive kid to friends house
Install original Intel Mini disk in external drive case
Boot PPC Mini in target mode
Application Migration from PPC Mini to Intel Mini
goof off in Wave
Remove QG5 disk. drop screw into gap between fan and case. use straightned paperclip to push screw head underneath contorted middle finger's finger nail, jam it in there and slowly draw hand back up. this takes half an hour and many tries.
run QG5 disk naked with funky adapters
change root directory on QG5 500M disk
Install QG5 500M disk in MacPro
Install QG5 2nd drive in MacPro ( what a beautiful case )
Install original QG5 250M disk in MacPro
Move QG5 Sonnet card to MacPro
rewire KVM, UPS farm
uninstall Final Cut Studio
use iStumbler to debug first floor wireless problems - pesky neighbors where is my tin hat!
uninstall CS2
reauth: Aperture, Logic, NI. Upgrade NI. Upgrade MOTU stuff. debug.
install Final Cut 2, CS4
rack PPC mini in server room, switch IP, enable services: OSX VNC server
install Compressor nodes
install Logic nodes
sear some tempeh and garlic, throw on salad
rack misc FW drives with PPC mini
unrack D4, XL-1 Turbo, the 828Mk2s, patchbay, UM880, power chain from rack A
unrack Mackie from rack B.
swap all unracked stuff to different racks
put monitoring UPS in re-racked cart rack
run RAID FW cables back through wall to closet.
daisy chain to time machine disk in closet
screw RAID straps to 2x4 studs. Being clever again, this will probably start a fire or send a weird humming vibration through the house.

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