Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JavaOne day One

I'm on a roll - Google I/O, 3 days of Maker Faire, and now JavaOne. throb throb, that's my swelling itching brain you hear.

JavaOne. Thanks to Lois Brooks @ Stanford I'm attending and slurping it up.

Some slurps:
  • Java Scripting Language Bowl 2009.

    Here we had Jython, Groovy, Scala, Clojure and jRuby 'duking' it out, har har, in a two round grudge match where each contestant updated the crowd on new features and then pressed on to extoll their respective communities.

    I wrote and deployed Jython and Groovy apps in production at Stanford; I'm happy with both languages and lean to Groovy. Soley because of the indentation thing in Jython/Python.

    The Scala presentation left me a bit adrift. The clojure presentation reminded me of all those pesty Lisp hounds with their fancy Lisp machines from Symbolics and TI who now are off doing nothing because the world left them behind. And I've had a thing about Ruby since the early Ruby days when their advocates were slinging personal attacts at Guido.

    BUT from this session I heard about some cool apps: Field, a Processing front end. SwingPad, an interactive Swing UI scratchpad.

    This session was a meh.

  • JavaFX intro

    I enrolled in this session as a flyer. I was totally surprised. JavaFX Scripting Language reminded me of a set of languages I enjoyed years ago - the IntelliCorp ProKappa / ProKee / Kappa-C / ProTalk set. Ok, not so much ProTalk as there was no backtracking or chaining involved :P.

    But here, in a strongly typed Java language, we have mixins! we have automatic value binding! we have triggers ( only post triggers, but still! ) The triggers are not first class objects but we can't have everything we had in 1992 can we. I liked the additions of new access types, such as public-init.

    The language / toolage seems to fit into a groovyish space. I fired up my computer in the miserable wifi cloud at Moscone center and started re-scheduling my time.

  • MTGame

    Not your mothers JMonkey Engine. These guys were working on WonderLand and using the JMonkey Engine but found that their models were getting very twisted. They decided to move forward and implement a component based model.

  • Securing Web and Service Oriented Architectures with Apache Axis, WSS4J, Spring and OpenLDAP.

    This was a great session. Mike Scheuter and Shawn McKinney of Fidelity brought a few other fellow-travelers to stage and hammered through the most concise architectural overview I've seen in a few years.

    new acrynoms for me: RBAC ARBAC02.

    and a new site: webaccessmanager.com/wiki, altho when Sun publishes the slides in this talk it will be worth your read

    Here, from the description:
    It provide attendees an outline they can use in designing future SOA security systems that will be capable of running on various application server platforms, both commercial and open-source.

  • The Floor

    On the floor the best thing in the Lincoln Volt. god, it's 20 feet long, has fins, a touch screen UI, and is a cool cream white. I was asking one of the booth grogs, whos is actually more of a film person, why it didn't generate timecode for his part of the deal and he sent me off to check out the blu-ray Neil Young release.

    This too was a totaly surprise. I'm not much of a TV consumer - I'ld rather make stuff - but the blu-ray Neil Young retrospective lead me to talk to a group of java developers who are creating an IDE for making blu-ray... hmm. things.

    I didn't know until getting the NY demo that blu-ray players have Java inside, and a hard disk, and an internet connection, and that the UI can be built not from video fragments and a lot of tedious Photoshop / Motion / Final Cut / work but rather from AWT and Java ME. That there is a different version of ME for players, and that they can pull down stuff over the web to augument the DVD. Oh and run local code. I'm sure there are parts of the 'educational community' who are all over this stuff...

    After having spent the last month ( post-SOPI, more later ) doing a multi camera video gig of trapeze artists and solo-assembling it into a multi DVD package my sneering at the DVD interactivity paradigm is now blown away by the capabilities of the blu-ray stuff. you mean, I don't have to worry about stinking registers and bit shifting for tracking menu selection logic? I'm YOURS. I got hit by the clue train.

    The Blackberry folks were very nice. forced a T shirt on me. Signed me up for stuff. I think they were sniffing the Android phone I got last week.

    the Java desktop folks were very nice. jWebPane is a WebKit Swing wrapper / component / something which does a lot of what I see the Mozilla folks doing with swirling live renderings of live browser 'surfaces.' I guess it's all the thing.

  • JavaFX Tooling for being happiness with your designers man

    I attended a session where some members of the JavaFX team showed off a series of plugins for Adobie Photoshop / Illustrator foo which took the layering and layout information from the diagrams and allowed them to be packaged as resources for JavaFX Application development.

    In such a way that allowed round-trip development. Ok perhaps not round-trip but FAST. How many times have you waited for a new set of smurfberry graphic doo-dads to come back from wendy or billy over in the graphic art pen just to see what the heck kind of layout slicing the math-impared artists have come up with now?

    This was pretty slick. I am starting to smell the JavaFX cotton candy.

  • Birds of a Feather -

    Java and Lego Mindstorms. These folks are making mad progress in the little bricks. Exciting. I think they should get together with SRL and make some killer bots.

    Alice 3.0. Great! So imagine you use a drag and drop 'syntax-less' IDE such as Scratch or StarLogoTNG or greenfoot or some of the MIT derived Lego Mindstorm environments, right? you know, like iconic software legos for do loops, message sending, assignments... And you mix in a donation of myriad 3d SIMs models from Electronic Arts. And expose behaviors from the 3d mesh and skeletons as, well, drag and drop behaviors. Add cameras and timelines. Run. You have avatars running around interacting in a 3D world.

    Then from a pull down have the picto-program onion skin back down to raw Java in a series of gradations. Sorta like BlueJ rite?

    Then export it all to NetBeans or Eclipse. Continue.

    I think I'm going to give the movie contest a shot.



Clark Updike said...

Of all the reasons to chose a different language over python or jython, whitespace should be way way down on the list. I think it actually improves grokability over other languanges. Here's a nice post on the matter from a convert:

On Python, Ruby and Whitespace

caseyd said...

Could well be, Clark.

I deployed a mess of Python ( before Jython was out ) which provided audit reports of the Stanford Oracle -> Registry data streams. So I have some experience. And I liked Python.

But I found myself more productive elsewhere.

Another factor in that experience was the software ecology of the team. Whitespace languages just freaked them out.