Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interesting speakers from Davos II: Thulasiraj Ravilla

Thulasiraj Ravila comes to Davos under the Social Entrepreneur program. He has founded a set of non-profit eyecare centers in India - the Aravind Eye Hospitals. I actually met him previously, but wanted to mention this years great mad scheme.

You've heard about off-shoring the analytical bits of health care, such as X-Ray image review, or CAT scan analysis. The central idea is that over the interwebs the images gathered from remote sites can be analyzed by skilled experts most... anywhere.

Of course this is all wrapped up in big science and big bandwidth and big hospitals and big universities.

He's built and is running an inversion of this scheme.

He's using small towers with low power mini WIFI repeaters to send simple eye-chart exams from rural health workers to his central eye hospitals.

No big science, a private low speed network, and the benefit of early diagnostics. Wow!

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