Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GWT in Sakai, onward!

After thoroughly confusing myself with the the IPBUserManager Sakai 2.5 example I decided to relax a bit and reset.

After ensuring that I had Aaron's Eclipse Sakai App Generator plugin I went up to the kitchen.

I pulled out my handy Santoku and a larger knife we call "the Angel of Cut." Learning to use these knives I picked up many small cuts, so it's well named.

There I frenched some lamb ribs and rubbed them with a garlic and curry like dry mix. These were set aside atop the kitchen Mac mini to come up to room temperature.

I grabbed a big bag of Russian fingerling potatoes and another bag of carrots and proceeded to scrubbing. Scrubbing needs music so I put on "Pioneers who got scalped" by Devo. After all that's how they day went, eh? After cleaning up the rooties I tossed them in the nuke to pre-cook them a bit. As the floor and kitchen counter was soaked with water I went with the flow, cleaning and prepping a green salad by mixing in some julienned green onions and some great cherry tomatoes. The Angel of Cut came into play and I took apart some sweet red onions into large chunks.

More carrots were tossed into a blender with some ginger and left over chicken-vegi broth for a soup. Just keep the blender running and toss your veggie scraps in. Your guests will never know.

The nuked rooties were pulled out. I got a big jar of olive oil and some rock salt and lightly coated the rooties. The deal is to use the rocky salt; it'll help keep in the moisture for the next step. Don't go crazy with it tho! I tossed in the onion chunks. I did not wear a diving mask, BTW, nor did I listen to polka during this step. Thyme is also driftled across the mix.

Then I grabbed a Full Sail Ale from the fridge and set the oven to 500F. This is pretty hot, but don't be afraid of it or you will burn yourself. The racks go all the way down. I also checked in on the carrot/ginger soup. As it got up to speed I spread the rooties'n'onions in a pyrex baking dish thingy and put the lamb on a rack on top. I left a little fat on the back of these, and the fat points up. The deal with this is that the lamb juices will be injected into the underlying rooties, which are depending on them for flavor.

Jeez I forgot about the child creature! I nabbed some fish-sticks and some alpha tots from the freezer. These went on a baking tray on the bottom most shelf. The veggis and lamb go on the next shelf up.

Cook the mass for about 15 or 20 minutes. The fish sticks and such have to be watched as they are being cooked at a higher temperature than their instructions call for. Smoke is a good indicator of overcooking.

Nuke your plates and bowls to heat them ( it's too hot in the oven, remember? ) and serve the soup. You may want to put some Balsamatic viniger on the top of the soup, but that's pretty frooey.

Accompany with Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin and have at it.

After being thusly fortified return to work!

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