Monday, January 5, 2009

a great break...

This has been a very relaxing holiday break.

I don't think I turned on a computer other than to check weather (skiing / biking / hiking / gardening-hillside erosion control), photography, gaming with kiddo, or to chat with friends far and wide.


Infact I'm going to head out for more skiing tomorrow! bwa-ha-ha-ha!

But for now I will return to my Java / Quicktime /XP problem - why, sometimes, does Java grab all the available disk space when creating temp files? I've only seen this in XP, but it's a machine killer. XP hates having all of its spare disk space eaten up.

The file is finally saved to a normal size at the end of the processing, when I close the file - if the XP box lasts that long.

As this is an intermittant problem it's really freeking >pesky< to deal with.

So today I'll investigate various hacky gymnastics. such opening and immediatly closing, and then reopening the temp file. or not using the temp file libraries when in XP... or in creating a virtual disk for the temp file (!?) of a constrained size. madness.

later - from

Thanks very much, Jeremy, adding those flags (especially the UNDOCUMENTED seqGrabDontPreAllocateFileSize
constant) seems to have resolved the huge file issue. That's a big relief for me.

I of course scoured the web and StdConstants files looking for something that suppresses the pre allocation of the file, and a constant with a name like that would have jumped out at me. I'm sure other people have done ths same thing. Hey, QT Engineering: how much engineering and QA effort does it take to define a new constant?

Thanks again, Jeremy!


great gizzards. I have to second this Michael's suggestion to the QT team.

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