Monday, January 19, 2009

Day of Service

Today I met up with a couple hundred strangers and worked on restoring native plants to some CA shoreline.

Lucky for us it was a drop-dead robin's egg blue sunny day. Up on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean in January can be a deeply chilling experience.

I took a polaski and trenched ahead of Mitchell and Jarett. Mitchell had a rock pick and cleaned up my work. Jarett also had a rock pick and knocked the seedlings out of their container and finished up.

The organizers, rangers and volunteers from the National Park Service, had laid out rows and rows of seedlings. This allowed all the newbies to simply 'plow along' the hillsides and get the plants in.

It felt great to do this. I always have enjoyed volunteer trail work. I guess it reminds me of my childhood doing in-voluntary trail / field / woods / farm work. What a pathetic romatic I am.

Jarett and I have agreed that if we stop at Peets after our Saturday trips to our respective gyms we can dash out and join this crew for their afternoon sessions. This is a sneaky way for dad to get his kiddo used to miserable outdoor adventures.

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