Saturday, October 4, 2008

QuickTime and iTunes

So you may recall that I'm writing a Java desktop application for delivering Language Assessments. The Application is a 'remote' Sakai tool running on the desktop but talking back and forth to Sakai.

One thing that is bugging me is this: I can create a QuickTime movie containing the desired audio track. I can annotate the QuickTime movie with a text 'track' which serves as a label for the content. It shows up when you play the movie. This is sorta kinda like captioning a movie.

I can add QuickTime metadata annotations to the movie; these show up in the QuickTime player and in the Finder just as you would expect: Artist, Album, Description, blah blah. Nice eh?

So why if I import the movie to iTunes does it forget about the metadata? the text track is still there, alabet rather small (I can fix that for sure) but none of the metadata is translated up to the iTunes attribute list.

Isn't this sorta kinda dumb?

These annotations are going to store a lot of stuff about the assessment context. But I though it would be useful if the instructor saw some of this stuff in the iTunes playlist when they imported the .mov files.

If they just download the .mov's from the Site Resources's tool then it won't matter as much. But it seems like a waste to lose automated tagging of these resources ( for example)

The Text Track I write may suffice: "UserEID Site Assessment# Question#"

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