Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NetBeans IDE; huh?

I've been working in the NetBeans IDE v 6.1 for a few weeks now.

The draw is the Swing UI development tool, Matisse.

I usually work in Eclipse, with the MyEclipse extensions. Unfortunately MyEclipse hasn't seen fit to port Matisse to OS X.

Sun / NetBeans has.

But it's really vastly slower than Eclipse. I often find myself spinning back in my Aeron from the keyboard as I wait to see just what the hell NetBeans is making of my typing. The response lag is astounding.

It choosing to delete entire blocks of code isn't uncommon.

Once I have this UI nailed down enough to spin back to Eclipse I'm outta here.


Ramiro Varandas Jr said...

If you increase the memory set defined at /etc/netbeans.conf it might speed up the stuff.

At least it did for me and I'm a Windows/Linux user.

caseyd said...

hey there Ramiro,

I did take a look at that. I actually did that while trying to figure out how to set my launched project profile (doh, er, wrong place) and I noted a slight increase.

I am doing this work on a quad G5 with about 6 gig of RAM. should be ... enough ... to speed along. As it is the speed differences between NB and Eclipse really apparent.

but your point is good, I'll go back and make sure I'm allocating enough memory.