Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stanford Meltdown

Ach, it looks like the new Syllabus tool is causing this fall's Stanford Sakai meltdown.

The new Syllabus tool is exhibiting the same pattern ( of an insane # of Realms queries ) which the Profile and Roster tools did a while ago.

Lydia and crew are trawling the source code now. I've suggested that they look for the antipatterns in SAK-8434.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Summers End

Summer is over for me; kiddo is happily back to school, Mitchell is head first back into browser wars, the fridge has died and so there's no lemonade or beer available...

I'm doing fresh checkouts of Stanford's Sakai variant, CourseWork. I'm doing updates of my checkout of Sakai's trunk... There is an impedance mis-match which makes my ears ring. Doing some more re-wiring, shaking down work...

But summer. Sigh. This was a nice summer. kiddo matured in all sorts of interesting ways. got some family kayaking in. The hammock is still up. Perhaps I should knock off for the morning and have lunch out there.