Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sakai Uptake?

I was wandering through the vast terrain of Sakai technical documentation this weekend. There really is a lot of it. It's all presented rather flatly, if you will. Flat, and wide. And gray.

I'm giving a talk @ Stanford on the "the Sakai Architecture" for the standard set of blind men. Each of them represents a different set of stakeholders for Stanfords stovepipes. So I'm not quite sure which "Architecture" to speak to.

But enough about me.

Looking at this project I started wondering about the uptake of this codebase. There's a lot of stuff here, and it covers a wide set of concerns. A new comer may well feel as the early paleontologists did, pondering bits of fossils mixed in with contemporary remains. What to make of all this?

How many new institutions have come into the fold this last year?

The coders stand a fighting chance due to the Cafe (BOOT) work. But how do the rest of the folks reporting to the deciderators? And jeez, the deciderators?

Just asking.

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