Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So our upstream Course data provider, the Registry, has some upgrades in store for us.

During our testing we found a 10x degradation in response time.

The QA team and the PM on the provider side agree that this is real.

We requested an updated service profile document and response be written and sent up both sides. Our Course data provider PM agreed. After all, it is what it is, and now we need to co-ordinate a response. Perhaps something can be done on their side. As we're a clustered service we can probably roll in more boxes and parallelize the process; what I've written is ready for that.

Upper levels meet, and we hear back that the provider teams management is giving our management grief for "slowing down the rollout by not being responsive." We've been sitting on our side of the code for 6 months, btw.

A week goes by, and we have a project status meeting.

The PM from the provider side tells us he has been specifically prohibited from writing any document detailing the testing results, or even acknowledging the 10x degrading of response time.

Much eye rolling at our mushroom level. There must be an incentive bonus somewhere up there. This really is quite a day.


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