Monday, March 24, 2008

CourseWork in iTunes

In a meeting today it was mentioned that Stanford University's Registrar ( a new one, clearly ) is getting excited about publishing 'course content' to the iPhone.. sometime after an update to PeopleSoft/Oracle.

We on the Coursework team could so do that today, using the integration points I had Dana and then Jing work through over the last few years. We started off with our own for CW3, and then moved along to the Michigan code for CW5. It wouldn't be a big deal to blow CW entries into Apples iTunes U for every class, with a simple class description, as a default.

Currently this is done on request, but it's no biggie.

Stanford has a giant LeftHand RightHand problem.


Lance Speelmon said...

Casey - we recently updated the UM iTunes tool to auto create sites in iTunes and added some config options. If you have not taken a look lately, I would encourage you to... We just went live with this code back in March. Best, Lance

caseyd said...

Good to know; I am pretty sure we haven't done anything out-of-band original with the iTunes tool, so we cld easily adopt your team's new code.

We have our classic bottleneck of lack of funding for on-going services; currently there is one overworked fellow who is authorized to be the iTunes administrator.

He's not interested in expanding his scope of responsibilities. ( I totally understand his position. )

What is ironic is that the additional administrative overhead isn't much of a problem for the Registrar's team.

I'll ping our crew WRT the updates. Thanks!