Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sakai Roadmap?

I was just reading a tasty morsel ( http://jira.sakaiproject.org/jira/browse/SAK-12861 ) posted by the esteemed Ray Davis.

It inspired me to mutter: "Heck I have all that stuff laying around here, we use it every day!" and then to look for the Sakai release Roadmap - "...just when are we thinking 2.6 will be freezing? Perhaps I can contribute this stuff in on behalf of Stanford?"

I dash off to the Sakai project site to find out. I don't find out. It must be there.


Ray Davis said...

I don't know when any freezing will happen, but I'm all for you taking on the task -- and no time like the present, right? :) It's not like anyone's planning big CM API changes right now.

caseyd said...

That's exactly true, Ray.

What I'm seeing is that I'll have to do less for Stanford to do more for Sakai.

It presents a quandary for all involved. That's why I didn't reply in the CM Sync Jira ticket. Heck I don't have a 2.5 checkout anywhere, much less trunk. :)

The reason I was wondering about the freeze / project schedule was to see how I could overlay the local 2.4.x based schedule with anything 2.6ish.