Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sakai and LDAP

Another 'Sakai and ...' I wonder if folks could use a LDAP gateway to CM / Realms&Groups too. I know that our institution (Stanford) has been unable to deploy a Course Directory, but that service is still greatly desired.

As our deployment contains a clone of the Registrar's data we're in a great position provide an LDAP view into that data.

I bet a lot of smaller institutions may have their Sakai data being the only such repository. Of course they're also probably using webservices to get the data out.

But if we cld give all the stand alone mail tools an LDAP gateway... hmm.


John A. Lewis said...

Interesting thought, Casey. As part of the work on IMS Enterprise v2, we've talked alot about creating an LDAP binding in addition to the web services binding. I think it would be quite useful for institutions to publish and maintain their Course/Registration information in LDAP. This would allow various applications to use them as groups as they see fit. It would also allow us to create an LDAP-based version of the Course Management service that would eliminate all the need to replicate a local copy of course registration data into Sakai in the first place.

caseyd said...

Offering an LDAP service from w/in Sakai would have a couple of benefits.

* entry to LDAP service provisioning for smaller organizations

* easy integration point for those tools which use LDAP such as address books

* well known service area

I have some doubts about the response time within the sakai framework, tho. Nothing concrete!