Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sakai and LDAP

Another 'Sakai and ...' I wonder if folks could use a LDAP gateway to CM / Realms&Groups too. I know that our institution (Stanford) has been unable to deploy a Course Directory, but that service is still greatly desired.

As our deployment contains a clone of the Registrar's data we're in a great position provide an LDAP view into that data.

I bet a lot of smaller institutions may have their Sakai data being the only such repository. Of course they're also probably using webservices to get the data out.

But if we cld give all the stand alone mail tools an LDAP gateway... hmm.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sakai and ...

A good chat with our core IT group (CourseWork /sakai are not members of Stanford IT, but I've worked in that group.) about:

  • Sakai and Shibboleth
  • OpenId and Federated Ids
  • Sakai and Zimbra
  • the future of Remedy, our 'ticket' system
it was fun.

On my own I'm wondering about

  • Sakai and Facebook
  • Sakai as FUSE host
  • Sakai and GMail

Documentation daze.

Having an odd couple of days - many shorter blocks of useful time as
opposed to long blocks - I return to updating documentation and bumping old threads. I'm not sure how useful this always is; do people read this stuff?

Internal documentation seems to often be an exercise in self definition; in making sure that what I thought I did is what happened. That's useful, as bugs come out of the exercise.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Skiing in Davos

Skiing in Davos
Originally uploaded by Robert Scoble
I did get to get out in Davos and ski a couple of days. I ran into the famous Scoblizer who was gracious enough to take a few thousand pictures.

This shot was taken in Parsennes. I'm the dark figure in the foreground, a fine pharmacist named Jennifer is scooting on ahead of me. The town of Davos is in the valley below.

Cloaking Device project update

I put the Sakai User Cloaking Device project on hold sometime in December.

We had issues getting our Load Testing project into motion. For example, not enough local licenses to do load testing using our existing software and getting QA bandwidth to push it through. In our analysis we were worried about having enough local network bandwidth to do it ourselves. The concern was that if we used the PC / Mac student clusters during off-hours we would bottleneck on transport out to the server pool. So we were looking for vendors with multiple locations. They would come into the Stanford net from the big, outward facing pipes.

It's still a neat idea, and I suppose that a dedicated group could do heavy ( like 1500 simultaneous users ) testing using jmeter and a cluster of machines. As jmeter doesn't 'do javascript' I'm not so sure how that would work out.

Sakai Roadmap?

I was just reading a tasty morsel ( ) posted by the esteemed Ray Davis.

It inspired me to mutter: "Heck I have all that stuff laying around here, we use it every day!" and then to look for the Sakai release Roadmap - "...just when are we thinking 2.6 will be freezing? Perhaps I can contribute this stuff in on behalf of Stanford?"

I dash off to the Sakai project site to find out. I don't find out. It must be there.