Wednesday, January 30, 2008

posting from Python

just dorking - trying to figure out how to post from WordPy.

I should move to my next local bug, having just corrected our additions to which post sakai events for provider changes, but I wanted to take a little break.


jayshao said...

Events from provider changes actually sounds very cool -- is that in contrib somewhere?

caseyd said...

We did it by catching provider id changes in RealmsAction. It wasn't hard.

We added (I tend to do this in our tweaks) a private method which handles Stanford business cycle modifications. This one just does some add/remove analysis and posts accordingly.

It's being used in our upcoming Syllabus tool. It has a front end which is 'stand alone' - the Mercury portal mostly. The deal is that we needed to have the Syllabus tool know about added Sections so that it could provide any associated 'stand alone' syllabi to the Site with the added section.