Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fan Mail.

Here is some fan mail from a Stanford instructor who was trying to load a MS Word document into the IMS QTI importer:

Remedy wrote:
Coursework will not upload a word documnet I have tried remanimg etc. It is only two page homework assignment. I must say that the new coursework is anythign but user friendly. I have used computers for almost 40 years and consider myself extremely knowledgeable with computer software but this new version leaves a lot to be desired. Why is it that smart computer scientists just can't get it right?

Here is the error that I keep getting. I never had a problem with this homework in previous years.

There was an error importing this assignment. Ensure that the file is correctly formatted IMS QTI. Error java.lang.NullPointerException

A timely response would be greatly appreciated.
[ name removed ]
I've left the spelling as we got it from Remedy, our help ticket system. Our Supporter pointed out that that there are more appropriate places in Sakai to upload simple documents. The testing tool, Samigo, sure isn't it. I added with a pointer to the IMS project. The thread continues in email to me, directly:

Why is it that software people insist that I need to reed tuns of material to do something as simple as posting a homework on the coursework webpage. It use to be so easy. Why did it become so complicated that now I need to spend my precious time reading how to load material on the page? You must think that faculty just have nothing better to do. I really don't care to learn another protocol or whatever this is. I just want ot upload the homework so that the student can get it. It is really rendering the website useless if I need to go through all kinds of hoops. I will just photocopy it and get it over with.
[name removed]

PS Just because other universities are using it does not mean it is something great!
I just hope this instructor uses a spelling checker before going to the photocopier.

Our UserX group made instructional videos, for Pete's sake, because they knew folks wouldn't 'reed tuns of material' before they started using Coursework/Sakai.

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