Wednesday, January 23, 2008

crazy things you hear in davos

I made it into Davos last night.

The European rail system was a welcome relief from the rent a car drive and park drill, I watched the landscape grow whiter as I climbed into the Alps.

Mitchell & I met up for a nice Thai dinner and planned which sessions we would attend. We tend to skip the internet sessions as they are often recaps for us. Its more fun to go to sessions on topics we are not so involved in.

At an interesting session on the Arab world I fohund out that the Iraq war was orchistrated from Israel. I didnt know there were Israeli oil companies.

Something more easily believed was that the Arab and Egyptian youth are heavily wired.

tech note: the WEF stopped handing out those funky palm pilots. They're of theopinion that everyone has a handheld, like this Nokia 810 I am using. (so forgive the typos.)

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