Friday, December 7, 2007

the old Switcheroo

I am poking at the SectionManangerImpl problem where it updates a Sakai representation of a Section by deleting the Realm/Group and creating a new one.

In itself this is 'fine' but it has the result of leaving all the Section Aware Tool ACLs, stuffed away in sad little XML packages hither and yon, referring to a non-existing Group. Sadness can result, as the changes to the membership are not reflected in the Tools ACL.

So some folks can't get their stuff who should be able to, and others who should not get stuff no longer theirs may.

I am told that when all the XML is dissolved into columns this problem "may" go away. Altho I doubt it: some tool-wide notification mechanism will be necessary. (That would be fun to join in on, perhaps in my upcoming free time when I'm no longer employed by Stanford.) And I need a 2.4.x era fix.

I'm going to try the old Switcheroo in the SectionManagerImpl - let it create the new group thingy but then rename it to the old, deleted thingy's name. evil. yes. If that works it's an easy hack we can get into our pre-break release.

Then I can look at a real solution.

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