Friday, November 23, 2007

odd round trip

I've just started dorking around with forwarding from to blogger.

I blog all the time at Stanford, in the Academic Computing Confluence depoyment 'Consul.' - it's a great way to create an ongoing worklog easily linked back to the wiki documentation. That's great, but it's a walled garden. I've been describing the work in my personal area of the Sakai Confluence deployment, but that too is off-the-web. Feh!

So back to this blog.

When I use a machine not using our home connectivity provider (Sprint) I find that I can get to the blog hosted at blogspot. However from home I'm continually directed to the classic site.

When, from home, I ping, I get hurricane electric - where is hosted. when I dig from home I get google's blogspot servers.

weird. I would expect that once my home machines got the right path (via dig) all would be well.

more digging. I think.

Digging was pleasantly interrupted by a family bike ride in Pursima Creek OSP. Our first visit and a good time.

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