Monday, February 5, 2007


This weekend Kid and I made a movie. This was part of an evil plan to get the play room picked up - fewer foot impaling legos on the ground.

While we were away Kid and Catherine B. built a giant factory of legos. It must of kept them going all week. We all agreed that it must be documented before it is torn down. I though this would be simple - some stills, or mebby some DV footage.

of course time passed.

Remembering a fun day at Zuem, courtesy of Aaron and Isacc, I hunted down the stop-motion movie program they use. I think it is the same one which sucked down hours at the Maker Faire last year. Anyhoo I got it running on an old G4 laptop Mitchell had laying around, and grabbed a spare iSight, and ...

There went the weekend, aside from hacking on Sakai and a trip to Planet Granite to lift.

Kid and I agreed that this was, of course, an experimental movie. I set this expectation because heck, who knows if this is going to work at all? It worked wildly.

I think I can sneak in some math - the #frames per second and # frames per image stuff Kid is picking up well. I'm going to shoot for graphing by using the umbitiquous Craola washable markers and marking the Lego grids we're building on - try to map up to "feet per second" in MiniFig scale.

(Kid is consuming a book he calls "the Brick-o-pedia" madly)

more fun than I expected. :)

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