Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Terms and Calendar

Well, I forgot that the Java Calendar class starts with January as the Zeroith month. As opposed to whatever reads, which takes January as the Oneth month.

editing of constant classes ensues

OZ? Snow? Oswego!

Niece sends pictures of Oswego - mass snow storms the last few weeks.

Reminds me of RIT in `78; frat boys jumping from the balconies into snowdrifts. Mostly worked.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mac Java 1.5 and GSSAPI

The current Mac Java 1.5 is borked ala Sun's java 1.5 pre _07 - it can't do GSSAPI to LDAP correctly.

The Apple folks are behind the Sun release Kerberos wise.

This is throwing off all my developer-metrics for these jobs. I had to write an alternative LDAP class and inject it into my UDP - this class reads users from XML and caches them. If something references a user outside of the XML the new user is created in the memory cache and everything continues. All this is much faster than reaching out to the mighty OpenLDAP pool.

Courses! Departments! Enrollments

I wrangle a giant hunk of Quartz to create Canonical Courses, Offerings, Sections, Meetings, and Subject areas/ Departments from Stanford RIC and XML data, and then to populate the corresponding bits with Instructors, TAs and Students.

It is pretty darn ugly. No java exceptions at this point. Time to read some SF and have a nice drink of water.

I'll revamp to add my sunetid as a departmental aid / instructor in the AM and see if I can build Sakai sites as desired.

Monday, February 5, 2007


This weekend Kid and I made a movie. This was part of an evil plan to get the play room picked up - fewer foot impaling legos on the ground.

While we were away Kid and Catherine B. built a giant factory of legos. It must of kept them going all week. We all agreed that it must be documented before it is torn down. I though this would be simple - some stills, or mebby some DV footage.

of course time passed.

Remembering a fun day at Zuem, courtesy of Aaron and Isacc, I hunted down the stop-motion movie program they use. I think it is the same one which sucked down hours at the Maker Faire last year. Anyhoo I got it running on an old G4 laptop Mitchell had laying around, and grabbed a spare iSight, and ...

There went the weekend, aside from hacking on Sakai and a trip to Planet Granite to lift.

Kid and I agreed that this was, of course, an experimental movie. I set this expectation because heck, who knows if this is going to work at all? It worked wildly.

I think I can sneak in some math - the #frames per second and # frames per image stuff Kid is picking up well. I'm going to shoot for graphing by using the umbitiquous Craola washable markers and marking the Lego grids we're building on - try to map up to "feet per second" in MiniFig scale.

(Kid is consuming a book he calls "the Brick-o-pedia" madly)

more fun than I expected. :)

Spring, Quartz, CMgt

Still wrangling the Sakai CourseManagement API into Sakai 2.3.

My wrangling is mired by my over-thinking Spring all the time. I keep thinking that it has to be harder than it turns out to be.